Spine is the pillar of our body.spinal cord is also in the spine connecting to the brain and controlling all the functions of our body spine supports our body weight and protects the spinal cord which communicates to all our body parts from the brain.Healthy spine is the basic for healthy life. Human had evolved from walking on 4 legs to a bipedal being over a long period of time initially our body's sturcture and the skeletal form are similar to the 4 legged animals our spine was originally in a neat S stucture by such natural curve sturcture our whole body is supported effectively and is well balanced for right posture therefore we are not destined to sufler from the cases of lumbago shoulder and arm pain they are the result of bad habits wrong exercises stress accidents and genetical problems the spinal probelm along with lumbago and so many other disorders stem from the spine so it is easy to see how importent the spine is in keeping good health.


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