Product Details : Single Mat contains 1400 Germanium stones and it is a multipurpose mat. It can be used in all part of the body. We can also take therapy while sleeping on the bed. The main reason to manufacture Single Mat is to cure blood related diseases and it help to cure the pain in all part of the body. Single Mat works on the principle of Moxibustion, Acupressure, Thermal Therapy and FIR. Germanium emits FIR once it get heated and it balances the energy flow of the body by eliminating the body pain. It also give Acupressure to the user and its healing touch reduces muscular tension, increase blood circulation and enables deep relaxation. Thermal therapy increases the blood circulation and which will increase the oxygen supply in the body. The 1400 Germanium stones work as a miracle in the mat. Germanium strengthen the immune system, remove toxins form the body, speeds up metabolism of body cell etc. Negative Ions plays an important role in balancing positive & negative ions level in the human body. Body with more positive ions, metabolism become less efficient & slower. Thus human cell become weak & body is more susceptible to sickness and aging process gets accelerated.

  • Portable & Easy to carry.
  • Best for Heat Therapy in winter and Cold Therapy in Summer
  • Germanium Ceramic that Emits Far Infra Red Rays
  • Anion Therapy(Anions are Negative Ions that improve your blood circulation, growth)
  • Increase metabolism and Improve Immune system. Relieves all body pains & tendon

  • High Quality artificial leather
  • Convenience of digital controller
  • Effect : Alleviate muscle pains
  • Timer :1-8hrs
  • Temperature setting : 0-70C
  • 1800 (L) x 800(W) / 23Kgs

Product& Model No. : HD-102 DLB : Single Mat
Temprature Setting : 0-70C
Dimension & Weight : 1800 (L) x 800(W) / 23Kgs

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