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Medical R&D Center

Since it was established in 2000, Happy Medical Appliance R&D Center has steadily developed innovative technologiesso that we could achieve....

Cosmetic R&D Center

Every woman has the desire to have the clean and clear skin. Happy Cosmetic has concentrated on the R&D for the safer and better cosmetics....

Business Line

Happy L&B has researched and manufactured various medical appliancesas proved by the many certificates of patents, new designs and trademarks.

  • Medical Appliance Division
  • Cosmetics Division
  • Education Institute
  • Social Contribution
  • Vision/Core Value/Motto
  • Social Welfare Services
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Pune office address :- 258/3/1 Baner DPRD, 8,BALAJI PARK AUNDH PUNE MAHARASHTRA, 411007
TELEPHONE NO:- 020-272-97-631/2 Toll-free No- 1800-2700-609,, Email : gohappymedicare@gmail.com